1. On repeat tonight.


  2. Saturday at Tomales Bay





    Learned how to shuck an oyster! And discovered a little bit o whiskey makes it taste even better……yumm


    Maddy thinking up all the possible things she could trade C for that sticker right there. 




    C and I realized we have very few photos together. Absolutely nothing for our website. This one might have worked except for the concerned father/son situation in the background. Also could work as a Coca Cola campaign. 

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    We Spy…

    Coffee, hearts, and Heath. A great way to start the week.

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    Clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

    I will take all of them. My soft spot for Heath knows no end….

  4. Yes, they remixed Amazing Grace. And yes, it’s wonderful. 


  5. "그냥 다 처음 살아보는 인생이라서 서툰건데…그래서 안스러운건데..그래서 실수 좀 해도 되는건데.."

  6. "Bookshops have an almost universal appeal. What constitutes this appeal is hard to pin down. When you enter an art gallery or an antique shop, you see what you hope will surprise and delight you, but a bookstore does not show what it is selling. The books are like closed clamshells. It is from the collective impression, from the sight of many books wedged together on many shelves, that the mysterious good feeling comes."

  7. Something new to try?

    Since getting engaged last Saturday (which C lovingly reminds me is not even a full week ago yet), my life seems to have changed in a couple minor and major ways.

    Everything from there now suddenly being a lot of attention to my left hand (manicures from now till D day?), to conversations with people I haven’t spoken to in a long time, to me taking on a second full-time job: wedding planning. And…I love it! (So far at least.) It’s bringing out the super “J” project planner within me and I’m relishing it for all it’s worth. All 6 1/2 days of it so far at least. 

    One of my co-workers jokingly suggested I keep a wedding planning blog. I initially brushed past it but am now considering doing some version of that for a couple reasons: 

    1. I think I’ll need some kind of outlet to release all this excitement/stress/anxiety/glee about planning for the day. 
    2. One of the benefits of being one of the first of your group to go is that you can learn your lessons and share them with your friends as they go through it. The do’s and probably many don’ts. Here’s one way to keep it all together as I experience them. 

    The last time I tried to commit to one of these things I epically failed so I now know myself better than to commit to any type of consistent posting. Nevertheless, here’s your heads up that many wedding planning related posts will be comin’ your way (cue all the men who decide to unfollow me at this point). 

    Week 1 Lesson 

    At our engagement celebration last week, one of my good married friends whispered into my ear, “Enjoy this time. Enjoy just being engaged.” 

    She was right. 

    C and I spent one full day of not discussing anything wedding day related. You could say that one day is not nearly enough time. But I’m still glad we did it. There’s something special about being engaged and not being in planning mode. 

    That said, we are both learning that your venue has a lot of influence on the rest of your wedding day (overall theme/feel, budget, dress style, decorations) so we are currently busy visiting venues. Once venues and dates are set we’ll hopefully be able to rest easy! 

    We are also playing with the idea of deciding one day of the week to intentionally NOT talk about wedding stuff at all. You don’t want to get married to your special person only to not have any idea who/how they are as a person nearly a year later. 




  8. One of my all time favorite things to do is to read what authors write in the dedications of their books. It’s not uncommon to find me traipsing through a bookstore and reading the dedications — not the first page — as many do. 

    I  find it sheds so much light on the author’s voice in just a few intimate words and  I  find it plain interesting to see what they’ll use that limited space to say. After finishing the arduous rollercoaster that is completing a book, who it is that comes to mind. (I’ll be honest, the grammatical correctness of this last sentence seems wrong. Oh well.) 

    But this past Sunday I came upon one that seemed particularly fitting given all the festivities of this past weekend. 

    It read:

    for John,

    for the sake of whose difference

    I would gladly give up all the sameness in the world


  9. Catching up with a close friend over text only to find out that you both planned to be eating the exact same type of frozen indian food for dinner that night without realizing it. 

    Snapchatting the ugliest faces you could possibly make to your boyfriend and confirming that he will still love, okay maybe tolerate, you.

    The coffeeshop play list on Pandora.

    Being 2x productive with a beer cider in hand at home while doing all the work you meant to do the past week despite not having a dual monitor because let’s be real, sometimes that dual monitor just means extra time to get distracted, amirite? 

    Color coordinating your bookshelf. Oh yeah baby. 

    This is sometimes, actually very often, all I need on a Friday night.

  10. Because video helps me remember the little moments my goldfish memory is prone to forget. Recap of our family’s trip to Korea in June. 

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    I see this view on my commute every day and I can honestly tell you, it never gets old. 

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  13. "A headline is like a promise. Always deliver on that promise."
    — Overheard at The Washington Post (via washingtonpost)

    (via npr)

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    Remember what flowers look like? This winter can’t end soon enough.

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  15. So lovely. So heartbreaking.